Know the Types of Warships

By | 26/08/2021

Know the Types of Warships – Broadly speaking, ships are large vehicles that transport passengers and goods through sea and river routes. Although ships both ride on water, ships are different from boats.

If the ship is a large vehicle carrying passengers and goods in rivers, seas, and so on. While the boat, its size is smaller than the ship so that its function has several differences. Types of ships vary and have different functions as well.

Now what we will discuss are the types of warships. Warships are ships that are commonly used for military purposes or types of armed forces. In general, warships themselves consist of aircraft carriers, patrol boats, combatant ships, transport ships, and as support ships used by the navy such as tankers and also a type of tender ship.

In fact, in some countries, some of which are oceans that freeze in certain seasons, such as Finland and Russia, sometimes they have icebreakers that are often used.

Warships are a type of defense equipment that is definitely owned by every country which has the main purpose of defense. The warship will be equipped with various types of weapons in it. From small weapons to large weapons.

Not infrequently also warships must be equipped with bullets. Not only that, in modern times like today, warships are also equipped with various other advanced tools. There are also several types of warships that carry nukes in them.

Types of Warships

The first type of warship is the frigate or also known as the pergata. This is a name used for a type of warship at different times. The term warship refers to several different sizes and roles of ships.

When the era of sailing ships was still in use, the frigate was built as a ship that carried out the task of guarding the merchant fleet. For example, history records that at that time, various groups of Europeans were active in exploring the oceans to find areas that were able to produce spices.

However, in the shipping process, it is not uncommon to encounter various disturbances, whether it is from the military fleet belonging to the enemy country or from robbers who want to take the goods along with the sailing ship. To deal with such a situation, this type of frigate was built.

Aircraft carrier
An aircraft carrier or also known as a Carrier Vessel is a type of warship in which it is capable of loading a relatively large number of fighter aircraft. The task of this aircraft carrier is to transfer air power in the type of naval fleet as a support for naval operations.

In addition, it is also used as a command center for operations and also as a force that gives a deterrent effect to the opposing party. As a ship carrying aircraft, this aircraft carrier has a fairly high combat flexibility.

Combat Cruise Ship
A battle cruiser, also known as a Battle Cruiser, is a battleship that happens to be large in size and happens to have an armament that can be compared to other types of cruisers.

The existence of these two advantages is not without reason because this Combat Cruise ship uses a layer of armor that is relatively thinner in size while its firepower tends to be weaker.

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However, after the end of World War II, only ships for nuclear cruisers from the Kirov class from the Soviet Union were included in the Combat Cruiser type.

Corvette Ship
Corvette ships are one type of warship whose size is arguably smaller than the frigate. However, it has a relatively larger size when compared to the Coast Patrol Ship. Although there have been quite a number of new designs that in size and also the task of matching the Frigate category.

Generally, these will be included in the category of patrol boats that have the capability to carry out an attack and an assault operation independently. The term corvette itself happened to be introduced by the French Navy around the 17th century when it was used to refer to a type of small ship that was generally capable of carrying 20 cannons.

The purpose of the cannon is to protect merchant ships and offshore patrol activities. However, the British Navy then also used the term around the 19th century. In fact, the design possessed by this type of Corvette ship is very commonly used even today. And this design became the development of a whaling ship.

Landing Platform Dock
A Landing Platform Dock or commonly known as Amphibious (LPD) is a type of amphibious type warship capable of carrying, launching and landing power elements on land for fast-moving warfare missions. These ships are generally designed to be able to carry troops into the combat zone by sea and this type of warship happens to have the power to carry limited air.

The Destroyer or commonly known as the Destroyer is a warship that happens to have the ability to move swiftly and swiftly and has special maneuvers. The function or use of this destroyer is for the purpose of protecting a fleet of warships which have a larger size when compared to aircraft carriers, battleships or cruisers from various threats of attack such as war equipment such as submarines, torpedo boats or airplanes.

For the history of the destroyer itself, this ship is actually an ordinary ship that does not have high resistance to be able to operate on the high seas. So that caused operations carried out either during the war or after it had to be carried out in groups.

But gradually this type of destroyer began to become an independent ship and its tonnage and also its role was also increasing, especially for the type of cruiser which was very important in the 60s. Meanwhile, at the beginning of the 21st century, the destroyer eventually became the heaviest surface warship with a very common use.

Stealth Ship
The Stealth Ship, also known as the Stealth Ship, is one type of ship that cannot be caught by radar, aka it is completely invisible. Even if they are caught by radar, this type of boat will usually look like a fishing boat or look like an object that poses absolutely no danger.

This type of ship is deliberately built by carrying out a process of modifying warships commonly used by the military by trying to hide the protrusion or shape of the ship that can hide the image from the radar, for example from the side of the shape, then the holder and also the location of the cannon, in addition, by reducing the mast of the ship.

Also attempts to conceal missile launchers to attempts to use an anti-radar material. For the current era, this type of ship is often found on the La Fayyete class frigates located in the French region which incidentally is still in the research and research stages so that in the future they are able to form a warship.