Two Russian Warships Sent to the Black Sea

By | 12/10/2021

Two Russian Warships Sent to the Black Sea – As we know that warships are very useful to protect us from the attacks of the opponents who are colonizing us. Warships are used to maintain the integrity of a country and even a region. Warships usually contain weapons of war in them. Two Russian warships transit the Bosphorus en route to the Black Sea. Not only that, 15 small ships completed transfers to sea as Moscow increased its naval presence in the Black Sea. This step was taken by Russia at a time when relations with the West and Ukraine were heating up.

1. Plus 15 light ships from the Caspian Sea Fleet

In addition to sending two warships, Russia apparently also removed dozens of ships from its fleet in the Caspian Sea. Quoted from Reuters, the Russian Defense Ministry explained that Russia had succeeded in deploying 15 light ships from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea as additional reinforcements to strengthen the Baltic Sea Fleet based on the Crimean Peninsula.

Most of the ships transferred were Dyugon-class carriers previously assigned under the command of the Caspian Sea Fleet. In the process of transferring, the ships sailed through the Don River which led them directly to the Sea of ​​Azov.

2. Russian domination of the Black Sea

Russia’s influence in the Black Sea was further strengthened after the Russian Government succeeded in annexing the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Until now, the Russian Navy continues to dominate the fighting force in the Black Sea without exception and this is evidenced by the cancellation of the delivery of US warships to the Black Sea due to violent protests from the Kremlin a few days ago, reported by DW.

Although sometimes warships belonging to the US Navy often make voyages in the Black Sea, their presence does not escape the full monitoring of the combat assets of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Because the Black Sea is one of the strategic areas controlled by Moscow, the Russian military does not hesitate to show off in front of foreign warships that it considers trying to provoke Russia.

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3. Russia arrests Ukrainian diplomat on suspicion of espionage

Not only the military, espionage activities were also involved in the turmoil in Russian-Ukrainian relations which were starting to enter their most critical stage. France24 reported, the Russian government asked the Ukrainian diplomat, Alexander Sosonyuk, to immediately leave Russia in less than 72 hours after he was arrested on Friday (16/04), for trying to obtain confidential and sensitive information from Russian citizens.

Alexander Sosonyuk was arrested and detained by the Russian Intelligence Service (FSB) for several hours before being released at the urging of the Ukrainian Consulate in Russia. Kiev responded to Moscow’s actions by calling the arrests a “provocation” and threatening to participate in expelling the Russian diplomat in retaliation if Russia continued to expel Sosonyuk.